4th Grade Jamestown Research


King James I – 1606 signing the first charter

Christopher Newport – 1607 coming over on the Susan Constant

Thomas Savage – 1608 came to Jamestown 8 months after the first ships, explored with John Smith and met Powhatan.

John Smith – 1608 leader of Jamestown

Ann Burras – 1608 first English woman coming to Jamestown

George Percy – 1609 Starving Time

Jane – 1610 Starving Time

John Rolfe – 1611 After he coming on the Sea Venture, almost abandoning Jamestown with Gates, and then come back at the insistence of Lord Delaware to establish the first English settlement in America.

Governor Yeardley – First Governor of House of Burgesses- after the signing a the charter establishing the House of Burgesses and establishing the first representative government.

Colonial Clothing


A Powhatan in 1606 living in the Powhatan village

Pocahontas with John Smith at the Powhatan Village when he was taken captive.

Powhatan – 1613 after his daughter had been captured by Captain Argyll and held for ransom.

Tomocomo – 1616 visited London with Pocahontas

Opecancanaugh – 1622 leader of a Powhatan rebellion after the Peace of Pocahontas had ended.


Queen Nzinga – 1600

An African in Angola – 1606

Angela – 1619 a slave who came on the boat, Treasurer, to Virginia.

Anthony Johnson – 1621 a slave at Jamestown

John Punch – 1640 first slave for life-runaway

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