Outdoor Classroom

The Campbell Outdoor Classroom1st Grade_16-17

  • Schoolyard
  • Wetlands Learning Lab
  • Campbell featured on APS Green Scene
    • Wetlands Learning Lab (video no longer available) – Aired October 26, 2013
    • Hügelkulter Gardens (video no longer available) – Aired September 26, 2014
    • Greenhouse (video no longer available) – Aired March 6, 2015
    • Big, Bad Basil – Aired April 26, 2017
    • ART Bus – Aired January 23, 2018




Christy Przystawik

Outdoor learning can simply be learning outdoors. Clipboards make learning mobile and small groups can get in and out quickly. Benefits: fresh air, Vitamin D, and mental stimulation, just to name a few. @CampbellAPS https://t.co/GO3UjhU0Ht
Published September 17, 21 3:08AM

Christy Przystawik

RT @nawazishtareen: We made use of the wonderful weather to make a human bar graph by making our categorical and numerical axis outside! @…
Published September 10, 21 1:25PM