Campbell on APS Green Scene


ART Bus 1st GradeOn the January 23, 2018 edition of APS Green Scene visited Campbell students who were using their writing and artistic skills to create a flyer for the community about using the ART bus to get around town.


Th4th Gr. Invitatione 4th Grade Big, Bad Basil Expedition was a multi-disciplinary expedition which included growing basil from seed, field work to learn how to make a vinaigrette, plant study, marketing interpretation, and full circle plant care. Students conducted food and plant research, wrote poetry, and became confident in both plant care and food preparation. They are proud to know that both their basil and their vinaigrette will be served at Campbell as well as Carlin Springs Elementary and Kenmore Middle School. The expedition was featured on the April 26, 2017 edition of APS Green Scene.

GreenhouseOn Feb. 6, 2016, staff, students, and parents participated in the building of a greenhouse in Campbell’s courtyard. The greenhouse will be used to teach students about greenhouses and the plant cycle as a learning expedition. The building of the greenhouse was featured in the March 6, 2016 edition of APS Green Scene.

Hugelkultur GardensOn Sept. 20, 2014, staff, students and parents participated in Campbell’s first garden workday of the school year. The day was featured on the Sept. 26, 2014 edition of APS Green Scene.

WetlandsAs an Expeditionary Learning School, we are committed to creating authentic learning experiences for our students and nurturing a respect for nature. Campbell Elementary School’s Wetlands Learning Lab allows Campbell to expand its hands-on, inquiry-based approach to education. The Wetlands Project was featured on the January 30, 2013 edition of APS Green Scene.

BeekeepingDuring the 2012-2013 school year, 3rd grade students participated in an expedition studying honeybees. Superintendent, Dr. Patrick Murphy visited students to share his expertise about beekeeping which was documented by APS Green Scene.