The Campbell Way

The EL Education Design Principles have been written in kid friendly I Learnlanguage called the “Campbell Way”. Each month, classroom Morning Meetings and school-wide Community Meetings focus on one of these ten principles.

1st week of school: overview of all principles (The Campbell Way)


September: I Respect 5th_Respect 2018-2019
October: I Cooperate 3rd_Cooperate 2018-2019
November: I Try 5th_Try 2018-2019
December: I Care 3rd_Care 2018-2019
January: I Learn 1st_Learn 2018-2019
February: I Discover K_Discover 2018-2019
March: I Think VPI_Think 2018-2019
April: I Serve 4th_Serve 2018-2019
May: I Observe 4th_Serve 2018-2019
June: I Reflect 4th_Reflect 2018-2019













The Campbell Pledge

We at Campbell School pledge that we will be a respectful, helpful and responsible community of learners. We embrace our diversity.

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