Art Teachers

In addition to the core curriculum Campbell students enhance their education by attending Physical Education, Art and Music classes.
pond art

The art program at Campbell focuses on the following areas: Art History, Art Theory, Production and Criticism.. Students examine and practice all aspects of the artistic process including idea generation and development, problem solving and self-assessment. A variety of 2-D and 3-D media is used including clay, pain,, textiles, paper, ink and paper mache.  Our primary curriculum resource is the Davis Publications online resource series, Explorations in Art.  We strive to make connections with the classroom curriculum especially as it relates to spring and fall learning expeditions.
Students are encouraged to be tolerant of others, accepting of ideas and sensitive to others’ feelings. Please look at their art work with this in mind. Ask your child to talk about their art work and ideas. Use questions like, “What would you like to tell me about your picture?” or “Can you explain what your picture is about?” Designate a space in your home for displaying art work and another space where students can draw. Drawing will improve observation skills and attention span.

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