School Counselors


Hello! The Campbell Student Services Team is so excited to welcome families to the 2023-2024 school year. Ms. Natalie Hodgkiss and Ms. Kelly Polsinelli are Campbell’s school counselors this year. This year, Ms. Hodgkiss’s caseload is all students in grades 2-5, while Mrs. Polsinelli will be working with kindergarten and first grade students. We are lucky to have school psychologist Christine Zelenak and social worker Samantha Gift-Attoh on the team as well.

As your school counselors, we work with the teachers, administration, and the student services team to help students grow and thrive in a safe, supportive, and inclusive environment. We each deliver biweekly classroom lessons focused on topics such as bullying prevention, communicating and interacting with others, self-regulation and emotion management, and more (for more information on counseling lessons, please see the Counseling Lesson Units page!). We also lead small groups and meet students individually to support students’ success in school.

You can also stay informed on what Campbell’s counseling program is up to by following Ms. Hodgkiss on Twitter at @MsHodgkiss and by keeping an eye out for the Counselor’s Corner in the Turtle Tales newsletter! Looking forward to another great year here at Campbell. — Ms. Hodgkiss and Mrs. Polsinelli

Student Services Team Contact Information

Natalie Hodgkiss School Counselor (Monday – Friday)
Kelly Polsinelli School Counselor (Thursday – Friday)
Christine Zelenak School Psychologist (Monday AM, Thursday &  Friday)
Samantha Gift-Attoh School Social Worker
(Monday AM, Thursday, & Friday)