Counselor’s Role

Why do students meet with me?

Students may meet with me for many topics!! Some topics might include:

Stress at school or home, making new friends, bullying, moving, transition to middle school etc.

What is my role at Campbell?

Individual Counseling

My door is always open for students to tell me about their day, good things or issues they may be having at school or home.

Small Group Counseling

Short term, focused groups consisting of 3-5 students, typically 6-8 sessions. Parent/Guardian permission is required for group counseling. Students that may be experiencing commonly shared concerns such as self-esteem, making friends, anxiety, sportsmanship or anger management are some examples of group topics.

“Lunch Bunch” – students can sign up to have lunch with their friends and counselor.

Classroom Counseling Lessons

School Counselors focus on CAPS! Career, Academic or Personal/Social Skills.All Campbell students participate in monthly, 30-minute classroom lessons. Lessons are designed to help students with the knowledge and skills appropriate for their developmental level. Types of classroom lessons include; value of diversity, peer pressure, social skills, career awareness, empathy/feelings, conflict resolution, study skills etc.

Crisis Counseling and Consultation

This is available to students and families and referrals can be made to community resources if families are facing difficult situations. School counselor is a member of the School Crisis Team.

How do I support staff and community?

Advisory Council/ Character and Crew Committee to develop positive school culture.

Career Café – Counselor will organize monthly guest professionals to share their careers with students in grades four and five.

NAMI Mental Health Presentation with grade five students – Counselor collaborates with school psychologist and school nurse to spread awareness and support for mental health conditions.

Too Smart Too Start Alcohol Prevention Presentation with grade five students and families – Counselor, school resource officer and school nurse collaborate to spread awareness of alcohol prevention and students prepare skits for parents to share strategies on how to make good choices.

Fabulous Student Service Team – Ms. Miller, School Psychologist and Ms. Buchanan, Social Worker work closely together with Ms. Berhan, School Counselor to connect families with parenting or community resources.

Intervention Assistance Team (IAT) – Counselor collaborates with principals, teachers and staff to create a plan to improve students academic, behavior or social emotional performance in order to experience educational success. Referrals to the IAT process should be made by contacting the principal.

Middle School TransitionCounselor will connect with middle school counselors, students and parents for scheduling course request forms and middle school visits in April.

How do students set up an appointment with me?

Every morning I greet students as they come into school and students can chat with me on their way to class! Students can also leave me a note or fill out a form for me to check in with them later on that day. Teachers and parents can also call or email me to let me know they would like me to check-in with a student.