Apps in Education

Raz Kids app for IOS devices. Only for students with Raz Kids accounts through school.

An interactive whiteboard with the ability to record. Available as an app for iPads or as a website.

Download the grade level needed to reinforce math skills for students in grades K through 5.

Students can link to their APS Google Docs account from this app.

Available as a website as well as an app. Great tool to organize ideas.

Over 4,200 videos and articles for all subjects.

Create spreadsheets and charts.

Create and edit slides for a presentation.

Create, edit, and collaborate with others when creating a document.

For iPhone or iPad. Make stop motion videos with this app.

Teaches basic programming; recommended age is 12.

Teaches reasoning skills and basic programming concepts.

Learn coding with visual coding blocks.

Covers the basics of programming for young students.

Programming logic for young students.

Intro to programming for young students.

App to teach students coding