Grades 2 / 3 Specials Week 2

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Recycled Robot Sculpture
Supplies needed: items from the recycling bin, tape or glue to hold your sculpture together, paper & pencil to make a name tag for your robot 

Do you rrecycled robotecycle? Use items from the recycling bin at your house to build a robot sculpture! Give it a name and dream up a special job that the robot will do for you or someone else.  Remember – artists are resourceful and always ready to solve a problem. No recyclables around your house? No problem! You can make a temporary sculpture by combining objects from around your house.

nature portrait

Weekly Art Challenge

Mini Art Challenge #2 from your Campbell Art Teachers – create a portrait using nature as your media. Check out the artist Andy Goldsworthy for an artist connection. He creates land art in natural and urban settings. Have fun!!!

Optional: Share a picture of your work above by having your parent attach a photo of your work and send an email to Mrs. Kim –


  • Use the link above to explore different instruments from all over the world!
  • What was your favorite instrument?
  • Was there an instrument you had never seen or heard before?
  • Ask your family if they’ve ever seen any of these instruments and where!

  Active Listening:

  • Listen to a song you know and see what you hear:
    • What instruments are being used?
    • What is the tempo (speed) of the music?
    • How does the music make you feel?
  • Write or draw a picture of your answers.
  • Try the same thing with a song you don’t know!




Activity 1: Go to the K/1 FLES assignment for week two and look at Activity 2.  Make a Color Roll and Game board as described, however instead of using 5 colors, pick 7 of the below colors.  Pick the colors that are least well known to you. Rojo-Red    Azul-Blue     Verde-Green     Amarillo-Yellow
Anaranjado-Orange     Morado-Purple      Café-Brown      Rosado-Pink
Negro-Black      Blanco-White
Online Game: Rockalingua

Activity 2:  Unscramble these words to find the color word.  Write the color in English, next to the Spanish word, and draw a matching color dot.
Example:        zalu  azul  – blue

  1. cbalno ___________________
  2. orgen ___________________
  3. oiaallrm ___________________
  4. oojr ___________________
  5. faéc ___________________


garbage bookOnline:  Listen to The Garbage Barge
Click on the activity guide for parents under the video.  Pick one or two activities to complete.


Practice your alphabetizing skills.  Find as many books as you can around your house and put them in ABC order by titles.  Like this, but with more books! How else can you sort the books?  Color?  Author’s last name?  Type of characters?
multi books