Grades 2/3 Specials Week 3

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The Art Supplies Have Come Alive!

artSupplies needed: paper, pencil, coloring tools
What would happen if the art supplies came to life? How would they look? What is their personality like? Would they have a name? Pick two or three art supplies – and bring them to life through illustration!
Remember – artists are resourceful and excellent problem solvers, have fun!


mini artWeekly Art Challenge 
Mini Art Challenge #3 from your Campbell Art Teachers – using items from your home, create a mandala design. A mandala is a design that moves in a circle and has a center point. Have fun!!!

Optional: Share your work on our Art Gallery wall!
2nd grade:
3rd grade:


Orchestra Google Classroom code:  xpz5j66 Orchestra students should use this code to join the Google classroom.

  • Click on the link and scroll to the bottom of the page to find “Explore the Composer Map.” Click on different countries to read about the composers from each country.
  • Choose two composers from different countries. Compare and contrast them using a T chart or a Venn diagram. How are they similar or different?
  • If you are able, look up music from each composer that you chose. What do you like or dislike about each one?

Apple Tree Lesson

  • Follow along with Ms. Beth as she teaches the Apple Tree song.


Alphabet FitnessSpell your name by performing the exercises listed for each letter. After you spell your name you can spell siblings/pets names, your street name, objects around your house, etc.
PEClick the link and do the exercise circuit. Then do 1 minute of jogging in place or imaginary jump roping.
Repeat 3 times. This week, choose from Batman, Batgirl or Silver Surfer!
Silver Surfer


Activity 1
Find any color picture book in your house. Open it up and identify 5 colors in Spanish. Take a piece of paper and draw any two items and label them in Spanish.
Anaranjado – orange      Rojo – Red     Amarillo – yellow     Rosado – pink    Verde – Green
Morado – purple    Gris – grey     Azul – Blue       Blanco – white

Activity 2

spanishLook at the picture and find 3 things that are AMARILLO (yellow), 3 things that are ROJO (red) and 3 things that are AZUL (blue) and one thing that is BLANCO.  Label the colors in Spanish if you can print this out. If you cannot print, write down the object and the color. for example, Globo, rojo; Lámpara, azul y Amarillo

Here is a glossary of key objects:

Cama, bed;    globo, balloon;    cuadro, picture;    lámpara, lamp;    cortinas, curtains;   conejo, bunny;    night, noche;  bowl, bol;   pared, wall