Grades K / 1 Specials Week 3

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Shadow Tracingart

  1. Set up your favorite small toys (animals, cars, dolls, etc) outside on a sheet of paper.
  2. Look at the shadow’s shape.
  3. Use a marker, crayon, or pencil to trace along the edge of the shadow.
  4. Decorate the drawn shape in your own way!

Optional: Share your work on our Art Gallery wall!

Weekly Art Challenge
mini artMini Art Challenge #3 from your Campbell Art Teachers – using items from your home, create a mandala design. A mandala is a design that moves in a circle and has a center point. Have fun!!!




Video    This is a fun action song that uses parts of the body. What happens to the music as it goes on? Can you keep up? Can you teach a family member?

Two Little Blackbirds
Two little blackbirds sitting on a hill. (sit, bouncing fists on knees, thumbs up)
One named Jack (raise up one thumb )And the other named Jill. (raise up the other thumb)
Fly away, Jack. (place one hand behind your back)
Fly away, Jill. (place the other hand behind your back)
Come back, Jack. (bring one thumb back out)
Come back, Jill. (bring the other thumb back out)


Move Like an Animal……….animal
Instructions:  Perform each movement for 45 seconds and then rest for 15 seconds. Repeat these movement sets three times.





veggiesKid Explorers love Fruits and Vegetables! 
Veggies and Fruits add a rainbow of color to your meal. Can you guess our names and what food group we belong to? Share this picture with a family member and identify each fruit or vegetable with them.


Activity 1

Find any color picture book in your house. Open it up and identify 5 colors in Spanish. Take a piece of paper and draw any two items and label the color in Spanish. There are 3 new colors this week – orange, pink and grey!

Anaranjado – orange    Rojo – Red    Amarillo – yellow    Rosado – pink    Verde  – Green    Morado – purple      Gris – grey     Azul – Blue

spanishActivity 2
Look at the picture and point to 2 things that are AMARILLO (yellow), 3 things that are ROJO (red) and 2 things that are AZUL (blue)