Instructional Technology Coordinator

Kathy Gust

Kathy supports teachers and students by:

  • Co-teaching technology lessons in classrooms
  • Researching appropriate technology software and apps
  • Providing technology training for staff

Vision for Campbell

As the Instructional Technology Coordinator at Campbell, my goal is to support teachers as they integrate technology skills with the curriculum and expeditions with their students. In this effort, I work with teachers and students to promote the Arlington Public School approved digital resources and the personalized learning competencies they support. I believe it is also important for all students to learn basic digital skills which will promote good digital citizenship.


I have been an educator for over 20 years. During that time I have taught business and technology courses to students in middle school, high school and community college. My experience as a Career & Technology Educator has given me the opportunity to work with students from diverse backgrounds and with many different learning styles. I have a B.A. in Psychology (emphasis in cognition & learning) from the University of South Florida, as well as Master’s degrees in Instructional Technology from Appalachian State University and Special Education from George Mason University. I am dedicated to contributing meaningful learning through technology to the Campbell community of educators, students and families.