Grades K / 1 Specials Week 2

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Take a walk outside. Draw a picture of something you love about your neighborhood.

Weekly Art Challenge
nature portraitMini Art Challenge #2 from your Campbell Art Teachers – create a portrait using nature as your media. Check out the artist Andy Goldsworthy for an artist connection. He creates land art in natural and urban settings. Have fun!!!





Music Maker . Games . peg + cat | PBS KIDS
Click the link above to experiment with song writing.

  • How does it sound when you change the tempo (speed)?
  • How can you make the pitches higher?
  • How can you make the pitches lower?

Once you’ve decided how you want your song to sound, click the ukulele to add a harmony! Create a shoebox guitar!

  • Empty shoebox with lid
  • 3-6 rubber bands
  • Paper (construction paper or whatever is available)
  • Tape and scissors
  • Crayons, markers, stickers
  • 2 Pencils

Cover the shoebox using paper and tape. Decorate using crayons, markers and stickers. Draw a large circle in the middle of the lid and cut it out. Ask for help if you need it! Put the lid on the shoebox and stretch the rubber bands around the whole box so that they’re sitting across the hole. Slide the two pencils under the rubber bands on each end of the lid to create the bridges of the guitar. Happy music making!

Below are some activities that you can do while out of school. Feel free to include family members and/or friends! Some activities are indoor activities, some can be either outdoor or indoor. Choose activities that are best for you and your family. You can complete a few each day and repeat your favorites as often as you like. Have Fun!  Click the chart for a larger image.

home activities


  1. On a large piece of paper, draw a rainbow, putting the colors in order and writing the color word in Spanish as follows.

rainbow If you can print out the worksheet, enlarge it to full paper size, print and color in the rainbow and trace the color words.



2. Make a color roll. Get a toilet paper roll and with 5 different colored crayons (or markers) (rojo, verde, azul, morado & amarillo) color in large strips of color on the roll (see photo).  Then write the name of the color in Spanish over it.


3.  On a blank sheet of paper make a game board, having a family member write the names of the colors, as in the picture below. Color in the areas.
gameboard1   gameboard2

Play the game:
a.  Roll the Color Roll. Say the name of the color that is pointing straight up when it stops rolling. Start where the game board says “Empezar” and find the closest matching color word.  Color in that color.  Roll the Color Roll again and find the next closest matching color. (As you can see, the first two colors I rolled were amarillo/yellow and morado/purple.

b. Continue playing until you have colored in the whole game board. That might mean you have to play several rounds of the game. Hold on to the game board and the Color Roll for more games next week.

Online Game: Rockalingua


Online       Listen to The Tale of Peter Rabbit
Watch the video again without sound this time. Retell the story using the pictures. Look the activity guide found below the video for more activity ideas that connect to the story.

Offline      Pick a book you have at home. Tell the story using only the pictures. Include as many details as you can like characters’ names and dialog. Tell your story to someone else in your house. Go back and read the words in the book or ask someone to read the book to you.