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Campbell Library Mission Statement

The mission of the Campbell Library s to foster a warm and welcoming environment where students are empowered to become life-long learners, lovers of reading, and effective users of ideas and information.

Campbell Library Staff

Terrana, B.Beth Terrana
Hanbouri, DDany Hanbouri
Library Assistant
RobertsRichard Roberts
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Campbell Library Policies

The Campbell library does not restrict or censor book selections. However, we do encourage conversations about book choices.

How many books may I check out?

All students may check out books and audiobooks during their class visit each week.

  • Students in grades K-5th may have up to three books on their account at a time.
  • VPI students may have one book on their account at a time.
  • Students that consistently return their items on time have the opportunity to check out more items.
  • Students in grades 2-5 may have only one Playaway® audiobook checked out at a time.
  • Students in all grades may have only one Wonderbook® audiobook checked out at a time.

When are my books due?

Students are to return their books during the morning that their class visits the Library. Students return their books each week to check out new books during their Library visit.

Can I renew a book?

Students may renew books to keep them for an additional week. Students need to bring the book(s) they would like to renew with them to Library the day of their class’ Library visit.

What if my book(s) are overdue?

A book becomes overdue after two weeks. When a book is overdue the student will be unable to check out. Library staff will inform the student that their book(s) are overdue and that they will need to be returned as soon as possible, so that they may check out new books.

What if I lose or damage a book?

It is important for students to take responsibility for losing or damaging a library book. Students can do this by paying money to replace the library book or by paying with their time by working in our library.