How to Checkout Print Books During Distance Learning

Holds Step 12During virtual learning students will still have the ability to check out books from the Campbell library. Students will not be able to come into the Library to browse for books. Instead students and their parents may place books on hold and library staff will collect and package the books for pick up. Books that have been returned sit for at least 72 hours and are disinfected before they are checked out to another student. Find out more about Campbell’s Checkout policies

Students: be sure to check in Destiny to see when your books are available for pick up. Destiny will say “Checked Out” when the books are available for pick up. Students may only have one Playaway out at a time.

Book pick-up and drop-off **NEW TIMES (Starting March 10)**

  • Wednesdays from 2-3 p.m
  • Fridays from 2-3 p.m.

Scroll down to view the step-by-step guide on how to put books on hold through Destiny Discover!

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Step 1

Holds Step 1

Click on the Campbell icon

Step 2

Holds Step 2

Click on “Library”

Step 3

Holds Step 3

Click on “Library Catalog”

Step 4

Holds Step 2

Click on “Log In”

Sign in using your Student ID number and password

Step 5

Holds Step 3

Click on “APS MyAccess”

Step 6

Holds Step 4

From here you can search for or browse books

Step 7

Holds Step 5

To put a book on hold simply click the cover

Step 8

Holds Step 6

Click on “More Details”

Step 9

Holds Step 7

Click “Hold” to put book on hold. Click again to unhold.

Step 10

Holds Step 8

To see if your holds are ready click on the green menu on the top left of your screen

Step 11

Holds Step 9

Click on “My Stuff”

Step 12

Holds Step 10

Click on “Holds”

Step 13

Holds Step 11

From here you can see which holds are ready and which are pending (not ready)