EL Education Portfolio

Character – Claim 2

Campbell students continue to demonstrate ethical behaviors by practicing and contributing to a culture of respect. Overview Students demonstrate agency through exemplifying The Campbell Way, showing respect for living things, and participating in anti-bullying and compassion campaigns. These skills increase student engagement and also prepare students for life beyond Campbell. Student behavior, engagement and achievement […]

Character – Claim 1

Campbell students are becoming effective learners by exhibiting perseverance in challenging situations. Overview To increase student stamina when faced with difficult or longer tasks, perseverance was selected as a character focus to support academic targets in both language arts and math. Students were introduced to growth mindset vocabulary and parents reported that students even used […]

Character Overview

“I firmly believe that the most important attribute we can encourage in elementary school is the ability for individuals to be good citizens. This means increasing emotional IQ as well as intellectual IQ. Campbell’s adaptation of EL design principles and the school’s emphasis on social/emotional development alongside academic achievement helps kids along the path toward […]