At Campbell, we serve students from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds by providing the English for Speakers of Other Languages/High Intensity Language Training (ESOL/HILT) program at our school. ESOL/HILT students receive services in a variety of ways. Students receive instructions through pull-out and/or inclusion based on their language needs. All of our ESOL/HILT teachers are state certified in ESOL.

ESOL/HILT Instruction

  • Ensures that English language learners (ELL) attain English proficiency in order to develop high levels of academic achievement.
  • Assists ELL in meeting APS academic content standards that all students are expected to achieve: APS curriculum, Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL); as well as World-Class Instructional Design and Assessment (WIDA) English Language Proficiency Standards (K – 12) in Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.
  • Is research-based using a variety of methods and best practices that integrate language and content.

Who Receives ESOL/HILT Instruction?

Criteria for entry, progress, and exit based on student’s level of English proficiency, grades K-12. ESOL/HILT instruction is given with parental permission to students who are from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds, and were identified through testing as needing help with English language proficiency and understanding to enhance their academic capabilities in the classrooms. This instruction is tailored either for students with relatively advanced English proficiency who receive English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) support or for students identified as having beginning or intermediate English proficiency who receive High Intensity Language Training (HILT) help.

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