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Title I is the single, largest federally funded program for elementary and secondary education in the nation. Recently re-authorized by The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, Title I funding helps local school divisions provide equal educational opportunities for low-performing students in schools with economic need. Any school with 35% or more students on free or reduced lunch is eligible for Title I funds. The goal of Title I is to enable all students to read on grade level and meet state and local standards. Title I is committed to the shared effort of eliminating the achievement gap between all students in Arlington Public Schools.

Arlington’s Title I Reading Program serves students in Pre-K through 5th Grade in 15 APS elementary schools. This year, Title I will also provide math support to those identified schools where there is a demonstrated need. Approximately 2,000 students are served by the Title I program in Arlington.

Targeted Assistance Schools provide services to a select group of children identified as having the greatest need in literacy or math development. Each school uses multiple criteria including test scores, reading and math levels, and teacher recommendation to determine eligible children.

School-wide programs focus on a school’s overall educational program to raise academic achievement for all students. Barcroft, Barrett, Campbell, Carlin Springs, and Randolph have school-wide programs. Title I Instruction supplements and does not replace regular classroom instruction. This instruction accelerates students’ progress toward reaching our goal of on grade-level performance in reading and math.

Parents also play an important role in Title I. They are encouraged to participate in their child’s education by reading to their child, and attending conferences and meetings sponsored by the school and the Title I program. Title I is staffed by thirty reading specialists at fifteen elementary schools in Arlington, Virginia.

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