Speech and Language

Welcome to the speech and language site at Campbell Elementary School!  Speech and language pathologists (SLP’s) work with children who have speech and/or language delays and disorders.

Speech and Language

“Speech” refers to the manner in which an individual is speaking. Therefore, an individual with a speech delay is speaking like a younger child. Difficulties in articulation (pronunciation), voice, and stuttering fall under “speech disorders”. Some children take a little longer than others to develop their repertoire of speech sounds and may be classified with a speech impairment

“Language” refers to the content and form of the spoken message. Vocabulary and the development of meaning and concepts fall under language development. Furthermore, sentence structure including word choice, word order, and grammar in sentences falls under language development. Language is divided into “receptive language and expressive language. Receptive language has to do with listening and understanding spoken language. Expressive language has to do with using the language.

What is Happening Now

As a regular procedure within Arlington Public Schools, all Virginia Preschool Initiative Classes (VPI), and all Kindergarten students are screened for speech and language problems within 60 administrative days of their initial enrollment. This consists primarily of informal conversation with each child and involves no formal testing. If a speech or language problem is suspected, a formal evaluation will be requested by the Speech and Language Pathologist.