Remote Learning from Campbell’s Specialists for Grades 4/5

Below are some activities put together by our Specialists (Art, Music, PE, and FLES) for your child to complete during this at-home time.

WEEK 1 (March 16- 20)    WEEK 2 (March 23-27)   

WEEK 3 (March 30-April 3)

But we weren’t finished!

4th Graders– Complete your final ‘Draw Yourself Performing an Action’ drawing

  1. Work on your final drawing like we’ve been doing in class. Remember your details and
  2. Take a picture, and
  3. Fill out this Google Form: Link to form

art 5th Graders- Your creatures are still safe and sound at school.
Option 1:  Draw a comic about your creature. What adventures will it find?
Option 2: Do you have old clothes that are worn out or don’t fit? Any single socks or gloves?Ask an adult first– Try cutting and creating no-sew costumes for your toys at home, or use a needle and thread to stitch a new creature from old clothes.
Share your art with Ms. Norwood on Canvas!

Virtual Art Museum Trip to Paris

Use Google Maps to go to Paris! The Louvre Museum is home to some of the world’s most famous works of art.

Try zooming in as far as you can. If you see a little yellow man icon on the bottom right, click on him. Many blue dots will appear on the map. Try clicking one for a street view surprise tour.Oui! oui!  Many museums worldwide have started online tours. Take an online tour of the Louvre and find your favorite work of art:  Did you know the Louvre has a moat? Find out why!

Painting with Unusual Materials

Ask your parents to set aside used wet coffee grounds. Using a paintbrush or a stick from outside, dip into the wet coffee and paint with it on paper. Use brush strokes like Vincent Van Gogh.

All Grades

Try joining the Tinkerlab Art Challenge. How would you answer today’s prompt? On a computer click on image for larger view. On iPad expand your screen.

tinkerlabAll Grades

Mini Art Challenge #1 from your Campbell Art Teachers – create a color wheel using found objects from around your house Have fun!!!

artOptional: Share a picture of your Mini Art Challenge with Mrs. Kim on Canvas or have a parent send an email with the photo to Mrs. Kim –





Did you ever want to learn to play the cup game? Here are some great tutorials to learn to play them! The first video shows you how to break down the movements. The second shows you how the song, “When I’m Gone,” fits in with the game. It also shows you what the rhythm of the cup game looks like, and how it fits with the melody.It creates a Complimentary Rhythm, a rhythm that fills in the empty places in the melody.

Cup Game TutorialCup Game with lyrics, music, and movements

  • Go to Incredibox and choose the version you would like to try first. Do not download the app.
  • Click the Play button in the center at the bottom of the screen.

Drag the icons at the bottom of the screen onto the singers to layer the ostinati (repeating patterns) and create interesting music!


  •  Nutrition Activity

 Read this about parts of a food label.  Find some food labels in your house and identify serving size, servings per container, calories and sugar in each.  Food Labeling page

  •   Jump Rope

The following jump rope moves can be done with or without a rope. They can be done individually. The key is to begin turning the rope and do a “basic” jump before you move on to performing the skills.

Title:  Jump Roping
Frequency: 1 day a week
Intensity: 13-14
Time: 10 minutes
Type:  Muscular Endurance

Description: students are going to go over several moves including:
Extension: Increase speed
Challenge: How many times in a row can you perform the jump rope skill? 

Basic Jump Rope Moves
A. Side Swing
1. Put your hands together, while holding the handles, and swing the rope from one side of your body to the other.
2.  Keep repeating step
3.  When you are ready, open your hands. Swing the rope down and jump.

 B.  Scissors
1.  Jump with one foot forward (12 o’clock) and one foot straight backward (6 o’clock)
2.  Switch feet with each jump
3.  Repeat

 C. Bell
1.  Jump forward with your feet together
2.  Jump backward with your feet together
3.  Repeat

 D.  Backwards
1.  Turn rope in opposite direction so that it is going behind you
2.  Jump when the rope gets to your feet
3.  Repeat

 E.   Skier
1.  Jump to the left with your feet together
2.  Jump to the right with your feet together
3.  Repeat

 F.   Side Straddle
1.  Jump with your feet together
2.  Jump with your with your feet spread apart
3.  Repeat

 G.  Alternating Foot
1.  Jump on right foot while left foot doesn’t touch the ground.
2. Jump on left foot while right foot doesn’t touch the ground
3. Repeat

 H.   X-Cross
1.  Jump with your feet in straddle (apart)
2.  Jump and cross your legs.
3.  Repeat

 I.   Heel Exchange
1.  Jump and touch your heel to the ground in front of you.
2.  Switch feet and touch the other heel to the ground in front of you.
3.  Repeat

J.   Heel to Toe
1.  Jump with left toe and right heel
2.  Jump with left heel and right toe
3.  Repeat

 K.   Double Under  (*jump high and turn fast)
1.  Start with a single bounce.
2.  Jump high into the air and turn the rope as fast as you can so the rope passes under you twice before you land.

L.   Wounded Duck
1.  Jump up in the air and land with your toes pointing in.
2.  Jump up and land with your toes pointing out.

 M.   Cross Over
1.  Arms cross in front of body
2.  Jump with feet together
3.  Uncross arms and jump in between the rope
4.  Repeat

Use: To be physically active in a short amount of time. Raises heart rate and can be done at any age. Improves balance and posture.