Safety Patrols

We are very fortunate here at Campbell to provide a Safety Patrol program for our school. The AAA School Safety Patrol program began in the U.S. in 1920 and now includes more than 635,000 Patrollers in U.S. schools across the country. Here at Campbell our 5th Graders represent our Safety Patrol program. Students who express interest in being a Patroller must submit an application in May/June of their 4th Grade year. As part of the application process, we ask the students to fully understand the responsibilities of the position, to commit to the entire school year and to pledge to serve as role models for all of Campbell’s students. If selected, he/she will be responsible for promoting the safety of other students, for following school rules, and for completing his/her academic responsibilities during the school year. Additionally, since our Patrollers serve as student leaders in our school the Arlington County Police Department, along with other sponsors, provide free or reduced priced tickets to many local team sports events.

Sponsors: Ms. Ramirez and Ms. Richardson