Technical Troubleshooting Tips

Students and Parents,

This page will continually be updated with information. If you have a technical issue you can send an email to and I will try to respond within 24 hours.

If you are trying to access an app or website and get the spinning circle, try again later. It is possible that the Internet is overloaded and cannot accommodate your request.


Global Connect error: (Open the Global Connect app)

  1. Option 1:  If the screen is asking for a password, enter password (same as GoogleDocs pw)
  2. Option 2: Turn iPad off and then back on
  3. Double click the HOME button; Swipe up to delete all open apps; try to open an app on iPad
  4. Option 3:  Go to Settings > General > VPN > Connect on Demand (turn off); Press Home and open Global Connect app > Press Connect or enter password if it is asking for it;
    1. Go back to Settings > General > VPN > Connect on Demand (turn on)
    2. Check to see if the iPad will connect to WiFi and open apps
  5. Option 4:  Open Settings > General > Date & Time > Make sure Time Zone says New York

Google Classroom:  If your teacher is using Google Classroom but it will not open for you, try this:

  1. Open Google Drive
    1. Go to the upper right corner and click on the circle with student initial
    2. Click Manage accounts on this Device
    3. Click “Remove from Device”
  2. Open Google Classroom
    1. Click “Get started”
    2. Enter log in information
      1. Make sure you enter     DO NOT enter
    3. At APS screen enter studentID and student PW

Google Classroom should work now.


Connecting to WIFI

  • Double check the WiFi to assure you are connected:   Settings > WIFI
  • Turn iPad off (hold down power button then slide bar on screen to off)
    • Wait 10 seconds; turn power on-you should see white apple on start up
  • If you are still not connected to WiFI look for the Global Protect app on the iPad
  • Open the app and enter the student’s Google Docs password
  • Turn the iPad off then on if needed to connect.