EL Education Portfolio

Campbell’s EL Education Portfolio

EL Education is a comprehensive school reform and school development model that supports teachers, students, school leaders, families, and other partners work in concert to promote five core practices—learning expeditions, active pedagogy, school culture and character, leadership and school improvement, and structures—to promote high achievement through active learning, character growth, and teamwork. “Campbell’s adaptation of […]

Mastery of Knowledge & Skills – Claim 3

Campbell students are problem solvers as they demonstrate higher order and complex thinking in math. Overview Campbell students are increasing their ability in mathematical problem solving as students in kindergarten through 5th grade engage in rich problem-solving tasks that provide multiple opportunities to demonstrate higher order and complex thinking. Students have the opportunity to grapple with […]

Mastery of Knowledge & Skills – Claim 2

Campbell students who receive special education services continue to outperform the state in English Language Arts. Overview Campbell has developed a culture to honor the diverse assets and needs of each student. This inclusive environment ensures that students with disabilities have access to the curriculum, school activities, and high quality instruction. About 22% of students […]

Mastery of Knowledge & Skills – Claim 1

Campbell, a school with a unique and diverse student population that significantly differs from their district and the state, increasingly outperforms the state and other Title I schools within the district. Overview The Standards of Learning (SOL) assessment is given to all students in grades 3-5. From 2012 to 2017, Campbell test scores steadily rose […]

Mastery of Knowledge & Skills

“Campbell’s adaptation of EL into our growing and expanding Outdoor Classroom has been a marvel to experience. The transformation of gardens and outdoor spaces into opportunities for hands on experiences that directly relate to curriculum goals has been wondrous. Planting gardens to understand how Jamestown settlers interacted at different levels, understanding Native American staples by […]

High Quality Work – Claim 3

Campbell students demonstrate growth in higher order literacy skills through the increase of complexity in writing within expeditions. Overview The writing workshop model at Campbell is use to foster a culture of process writing. Students engage in all facts of an authentic process: idea generation, drafting, revising, editing and publishing to compose narrative, opinion, and […]

High Quality Work – Claim 2

Campbell students increasingly employ formats and standards from the professional world to deepen the connection between the arts and other subjects. In recent years, our journey towards greater authenticity has also been coupled with one of  improved craftsmanship. The work has taken students out into the world to participate in fieldwork and meet with experts […]

High Quality Work – Claim 1

Campbell students have improved the quality of their work as they strive to solve real-world issues through expedition. Overview As expeditions have been created and revised overtime, the problems, essential questions and products have been designed to increase authenticity and address a real-world issue. High Quality Work Protocols have helped teachers reflect and improve their practice. By […]

High Quality Work Overview

“Our children have greatly benefited from the EL model implemented at Campbell Elementary.  The broad and deep learning that occurs throughout expeditions and then demonstrated at showcases provides a strong foundation for success in life.  To see our children develop and grow through hands on learning, the outdoor classroom, and community meetings over the past […]

Character – Claim 3

Through expeditions and service, Campbell students authentically contribute to a better world by becoming active citizens of the natural world. Overview Students at Campbell are frequently and uniquely exposed to urban outdoor learning opportunities as the outdoors is considered to be an extension of the physical building. They are encouraged to become active investigators of […]